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LATEST NEWS.  updated 8th July 2020

This is the latest guide from the Club  :  Stewards and Campers will have to follow these official operating procedures at our meets and THS in the future. 

—  read full Head Office communication on our COVID 19 page  —

The Camping and Caravan Club

Green paper Number : 3.16 version  1.

In order to operate Meets and Temporary Holiday Sites for members and voluntary officers, please note the following procedures outlined below. working alongside normal operating procedures

The clubs approach will at this stage be :

  • Observe social distancing procedures following government guidance
  • Observe hygiene and cleaning procedures.
  • Take a risk-based approach, consistent with health and safety law and emergency coronavirus legislation.
  • Campers are responsible for bringing their own hand sanitiser and cleaning items, prior to arrival on-site
  • A Meet and THS is a campsite by which each member has a pitch. This is not a social gathering. and no activities of social gatherings are to occur on the campsite
  • Campers should be made aware there are strictly no day visitors to the site

Risk Assessments Onsite

As well as your usual on-site assessments – (Green Paper 3.18) all Club Units (Regions, District  Associations, Sections and Section Areas), must ensure that a specific risk assessment for the coronavirus (COVID-l9) which is a legal requirement, is conducted to assess the risks of infection and the controls that are to be operated, is conducted by the appointed Stewards prior to campers arriving on site.

A template has been developed for this purpose.


Campers should be advised to book in advance of visit (by telephone or email) ensuring they have a pitch prior to setting off from home

  • When envisaging multiple arrivals, the Stewards, where possible, should look to manage and stagger these to reduce the impact of many units and campers arriving at once

On Arrival

  • Signage should be positioned close to the entrance to instruct all campers to remain in the vehicle – Only the lead camper should leave the vehicle to book-in if needed, and only when requested to do so by the Steward
  • Signage on arrival should list the COVID 19 symptoms to be aware of
  • Signage within the main campsite should clearly display the key Health and Safety processes during your stay
  • The Stewards are to greet the campers at the site entrance, ensuring the camping party remains in their vehicle.
    • Ensure there are enough Stewards with clear areas of responsibility, in order to manage and deliver a smooth booking in process. The lead campers must be asked to confirm that nobody in their party have any COVID 19 symptoms
  • Every individual is required to act responsibly, and honestly, in order to protect others.
  • There is no requirement to temperature check any camper on arrival
  • If symptoms are present the whole camping party must not be permitted on the site, and be advised to leave site and seek medical advice
  • No arrivals are to arrive after the latest arrival time (8.00pm is a recommended guide time), and all are to be booked in and pitched by the Steward
  • The importance of social distancing must be stressed
  • If required, only the lead camper of the party should leave the vehicle to book in
  • Campers should be made aware that parents / carers must be aware of where their Children always are, and oversee them. Children are the responsibility of their parents / carers.
  • Campers should be made aware that there are strictly no day visitors to the site.

Booking In

  • Stewards Should ideally work from a non-habited stewarding tent or shelter.
  • Campers must not be permitted to go into the stewarding tent or shelter.
  • Campers must stand at a distance in accordance with government guidelines, outside the Steward’s tent to check-in
  • The Steward always must keep an up-to-date log with contact details of who is on-site and who has been on-site – a requirement in order to comply with “Track and Trace” – these details should be kept for 21 days after the camper leaves the site.


  • Where possible campers should be advised to make payment directly to a nominated Club Unit bank account or alternative recognised electronic payment method with appropriate references and auditability to minimise cash handling on-site.
  • Payment preferably, should be made before arrival either by bank transfer / cheque (to be cleared 7 days before arrival) — or as a last resort cash.

The club has  also published a FAQ’s section  ; this can be found by visiting >>>

The Motorcaravan Section is a "Special Interest Section" of The Camping and Caravanning Club.


During the course of the year we hold regular social  weekend meets and host temporary holiday sites (THS) – Many of our meets have a theme with entertainment and refreshments.

All members of the Camping and Caravanning Club, and all makes of camping units are welcome to our meets. You will find details in the Club’s “Out and About” magazine – a link is on our “meets” page 

Follow the links below for the section’s magazine Wagonners Talk–  our Group’s Facebook page C.C.C.N.W.M.C.S.  and the website of The Camping and Caravanning Club

This May we would have celebrated our 50th Anniversary with a special 3 night rally to be held over the rearranged V.E. day bank holiday – nightly professional entertainment with a 40’s theme, and a 2 course meal on the Friday. Further details can be found by following the links to the relevant pages of this website.

                ( we hope to reschedule this Anniversary Party when appropriate…)

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